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If you are a rosacea sufferer, grab some paper and a pencil. There is now a range of skincare products tested and proven to give relief and offer immediate benefits. The Rosacea Care products are incredibly pure and work in conjunction with traditional treatments like Metrogel and other topical antibiotics, as well as being superb for highly sensitive skins. Rosacea Care. You've got to go and get it!

John Gustafson
Host of BBC's "Looking Good"

• • •

Recently, I ordered the trial kit of your products. I chose the Sample Kit which has six products. Today, I sent my order of full sizes of the various products as I am delighted with the changes in my skin. I have tried practically every product on the market trying to find help. All of them caused my skin to itch, and/or burn, my eyes to water and my nose to run. What a battle! Now, with your products, my skin is more comfortable than it has been in years! It looks better! It feels better! I simply cannot believe that I have found the answer to a life-long problem with my ultra-sensitive skin.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you must have done to develop such a fine line of skin care products. And thank you so much for skin that continues to look and feel noticeably better day by day.

Emily S. Nelson
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Rosacea Care Sample Kit 5. Mild and soothing skincare kit for rosacea; 
reduces burning, stinging and facial redness.

• • •

I love your products! You have more active ingredients than any other skin care line that I know of, and you stay away from heavy pore-clogging ingredients as well. My skin looks wonderful. Where have you been all my life?!

Sara Cagno
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • • •

Ideal for anyone with rosacea or sensitive skin, this staple of spas and skin docs is formulated by one of America's most respected laboratories with meticulously selected ingredients like willowherb and vitamin K that calm, soothe and reduce redness while you cleanse, tone and moisturize.
Now, isn't that a relief?

Bliss Spas • • •

I just wanted to let you know that my "sample kit" arrived 4 days ago and as of this morning, I placed my order for full sized products. These products are amazing. I've tried everything to address my rosacea (yes, even very painful laser surgery which did not improve things at all) and NOTHING has worked like the Rosacea Care products do. And...there is NOT a product out there that addresses both the concerns of rosacea as well as the anti-aging process (trust me I've looked). No more using two different skincare lines! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU is all I can say!!!

Jennifer L France
Alva, Florida • • •

I have been using your skin care products for approximately two weeks (a sample kit) and wanted to let you know how much I love them! I have rosacea and also had eyelid surgery six weeks ago, so I appreciate the gentleness and natural ingredients you offer. My skin is noticeably less red (at last!), clearer, and feels so soft. I just placed an order by mail for more of the cleanser (which smells wonderful) and serum and plan to order the other items as needed.

I can't wait to see my dermatologist next time so that he can tell me how much better my skin looks! Thank you for such great products!

Maureen Liston
Cicero, Indiana • • • I use the Rosacea Care products in my clinic, and they have proven to be very helpful with my patients. I like the fact that Rosacea Care uses natural ingredients.

Personally and for my own use, I would never want to be without the Cleanser, and the new Concealers are quite wonderful.


Dr. Mary Staggs Ph.D. ND
Estepona, Spain

• • •

It is almost one year now since I started using Rosacea Care. I spread the word to everyone I can about how great your products are and was just told by someone I had recommended them to that she is in love with the products now as much as I am! After only 5 days her rosacea breakouts are gone, her skin is smooth, and she isn't using her prescriptions.

Thank you for your ongoing work and commitment to us rosaceans!

Shelley Schleen
Kanata, Ontario • • •

Sun Screened

Got sensitive skin or rosacea?

Check out Right Face Ltd.'s Rosacea Care Sunscreen "30", which was designed just for you. It's got nearly invisible zinc oxide particles (thus eliminating white marks normally left by zinc oxide) and willowherb extract and other antioxidants, which form a sunblock that is said to keep your skin healthy and feel like a moisturizer, too.

The Aesthetic Book Magazine

• • •

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with rosacea and was immediately prescribed two topical antibiotics. Uncomfortable with long term prescribed antibiotic use, I gathered information concerning rosacea and skin care, and in doing so discovered your product line. I cannot express how happy and satisfied I am with the results.

After beginning the use of your products, I began to notice an improvement in my skin and now I have all but stopped using the topical antibiotics. My skin has improved dramatically. It is no longer an angry red, continually dotted with swollen red bumps and unhealed blemishes. I attribute this directly to your products.

My deepest gratitude to you for your commitment to research and for providing superior products. They not only work, but I was pleased to find how long they last and how pleasant they are to use. I hope that others will enjoy the healing and benefits that I have.

Deborah Sanders
Rialto, California

• • •

I've recently developed rosacea and also have combated oily skin all my life. I've tried many products claiming to calm, correct, and reduce the symptoms of rosacea. Rosacea Care is the ONLY product that has helped my skin – and your formulas smell great!

I recently ordered the Concealer sampler. I never wear foundation because I never liked how it felt on my skin, but thought it would be nice to ba able to hide some of the red bumps. Your Concealer is the smoothest one I've ever used – I am impressed! Keep up the wonderful innovations in skin care... you've got a steady customer in me.

Susan Schlensker
Indianapolis, Indiana

• • •


As a rosacea sufferer I read your article "It Felt Like My Face Was on Fire" (June 2005) with great interest. I was diagnosed with rosacea last year and my dermatologist prescribed antibiotics, which I would have to use forever. Just like Susan in you article, my skin got worse, so I stopped the treatment and went in search of something better and healthier.

About six months ago I discovered a US company called Rosacea Care which manufactures a skin care range specifically for rosacea sufferers. You can order a sample kit which allows you to test the products on your skin first before ordering the bigger bottles. They are launching a cosmetic range and their concealers are now available. They're based in the US so I order my skin care range over the internet.
I do wait about ten days before it arrives, but I've noticed a marked improvement in my skin.All the products are natural, with nothing to irritate my skin.

Wendy Bonthuys
Essentials Magazine
South Africa

• • •

The day before Father's Day my husband and I were in a car accident, and the airbags literally ripped the skin from my face and broke my glasses. Thank the Good Lord, no broken bones, just a very bruised body and face. I must tell you that the doctors in the ER at St. Peter's Hospital in New Brunswick told me that it would take at least four weeks before the bruises on my face would start to heal.

Each night, I gently washed my face with your cleanser, using a cotton ball, followed by the serum. If you saw my face today, you would never believe what my face looked like at the time of the accident and days afterwards. I myself am amazed at how quickly my face healed. Your products are so soothing and healing and have helped my face to recover in a very short space of time.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the fact that you are responsible for such wonderful skin products.

Dolores Ungerleider
Monroe Township, New Jersey

• • •

'The Living Resource Guide' : Rosacea and Broken Capillaries

Rosacea Care Serum
This is a therapeutic concentration of targeted skin calmers, healers, and rebuilders like phospholipids, willowherb, green tea, vitamin K, glutathione, selenium, and grapeseed.

Rosacea Care Calming Lotion
Contains the breakthrough COSMEDERM-7™, a strontium compound proven to block the irritation-producing nerve ending (type C nociceptors) that cause itching, burning, and stinging. The lotion diminishes skin reactivity over time.

Kat James
"The Truth About Beauty"

• • •

I have just spoken to Lee on the telephone to order more of the wonderful Strontium Calming Lotion.

I've been devastated, as one year ago, out of the blue, I developed rosacea. Having always had perfect skin and been a makeup artist for years with a flourishing business, I felt life had ended for me. Thousands of pounds and all sorts of expensive treatments later, I was still in big trouble.

I fell upon your Rosacea Care advertisement and thought I'd try it. I didn't expect much, but I have been transformed. I know it's the Strontium product because if I leave it off for a day or two, the redness comes back. If I nightly cleanse and apply a small amount of Strontium my face is clear and pretty well back to normal on a daily basis. I can't thank you enough. My life is worth living again.

Mrs. Beryl Pearce-Carr
Wokingham, Berkshire

• • •

I got my Rosacea Care kit yesterday and after one attempt the results are extraordinary! My face looks almost normal. That is amazing since I've been treating my face for over a year with every product known to man and nothing has worked. My dermatologist is ranked Number 1 in the Phoenix area (and to brag on her behalf, she is the official dermatologist to the Phoenix Suns and all the celebrities that live here). I'm going to beg her to start carrying your line or sending patients to your website. I just placed my first (and the start of many more) real orders with your company! All I can say is Bravo!!

Kelley Olson
Chandler, Arizona

• • •

I am in love with your products.

I had been using Metrogel for 5 years for my rosacea. It helped control it, but that is about it. Once I started using your products I noticed such an improvement in my skin that I decided to give it a go without the Metrogel. My skin has never looked better. I hadn't seen my Mom in 6 weeks and not knowing that I had started your skin care program she exclaimed how wonderful my skin looked.

I can't thank you enough for your great products. They work and they are an absolute pleasure to use.

Holly Scherzi
Syracuse, New York

• • •

Your products are fantastic! I swim everyday, I have rosacea and adult acne and have to wash my face more than twice a day because of the swimming. Nothing is as soothing and effective as your Cleanser!

I also use the Serum and the Calming Lotion. I would love to see your products advertised more so others could benefit. They are fabulous!

Jenny Della Santa
Oakland, California

• • •

Une nouvelle ligne pour les peaux sensibles. Tous les produits sont fait à partir d'ingrédients naturels. Le Sérum contient de la vitamine K pour fortifier capillaires. L'Ultra Nettoyant est concentré et sans détergents. Il peut être utilisé comme shampooing. Vous pouvez choisir l'Hydratant ou le Gel Hydratant.

A new line of product that has been proven effective in benefiting Rosacea and sensitive skin. All the products are made from natural ingredients. The Serum contains Willowherb to soothe skin and Vitamin K to fortify capillary walls to prevent them from breaking. The Ultramild Cleanser is concentrated and made without harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate. For added convenience it can be used as a shampoo. Choose either a Moisturizer or the moisturizing Facial Gel.

Les Nouvelles Esthétiques

• • •

I am fair complected, sunburn very easily, and have now added rosacea to my list of skin "attributes." So I must tell you that I am truly pleased with your moisturizer and cleanser. I know that my face is less red after using both of them. Amazing and exciting!

I have now also begun using the serum under my mineral make-up. I had originally thought that if something was called a "serum" it would be a heavy, thick liquid. But this is not the case at all. I can use only a tiny amount each morning if I first spritz my face. This moistens the skin, and the serum glides on easily and not as much is needed.

Being an elementary teacher I am a real test case, for I do not have a chance during the day to freshen my make-up. It goes on about 5:30 a.m. and that's it for the day! Your Rosacea Care products get a real work-out, and they are doing splendidly. And I love Rosacea Care's very subtle scents.

Nancy Glass
Rockford, Illinois

• • •

I love the Rosacea Care Sunscreen. It's creamy but not greasy, keeps my face feeling moisturized. I'm able to use it solo, without moisturizer, even in winter. It's very mild, and I like supporting a company dedicated to skin care for rosaceans.

Highly recommended!

Heather Wood
Santa Fe, New Mexico

• • •

I tried Rosacea Care's Calming Lotion with Strontium for Sensitive Skin. It was recommended in Dr. Nase's book to decrease residual redness, stinging and burning. Since that's my main bugaboo, I decided to try it.

Boy, did it work! The burning is gone, and I went from reddish (sunburn look) to very faintly pink (just one step past "healthy glow"). I went to the Ohio State Fair, and between the heat, sunscreen and sun exposure I should have been red the next morning. I wasn't. So I am really pleased by this product.

Bonnie Timms
Columbus, Ohio

• • •

Just a short note to say how fabulous your new Facial Gel is. The difference in my skin is amazing. The redness is going away. Every morning, my face's color is more normal. I love the consistency of the product, too. I can't wait until the other new products are available for sale. Thank you again.

Kendra Thomas
Mandeville, Louisiana

• • •

I don't have rosacea or couperose, but I do have a complexion which needs moisturizing. I particularly like the very light Rosacea Care serum: you have the impression of giving your skin moisture without that greasy feeling you often get. And other moisturizers when used too often can make your skin feel tired. Especially with the serum my face feels revitalized and wide-awake. And I can use it during the day even if I don't wear make-up.

Marie-Sabine Lalanne
Bordeaux, France

• • •

      + ASK ARMAND +

Q: I am a middle-aged lady with red blotchy skin and broken veins. I have tried everything I can think of to try, but nothing seems to work. Please help.

A: First you need to look at your skin care regime and see a dermatologist, because it could be rosacea. Then there is a skin care line specifically designed for rosacea problems. It's called Rosacea Care and is packed with Vitamin K which is necessary in the body's blood-clotting mechanism and is believed to aid capillaries or blood vessels that have enlarged or burst. In the UK call freephone 0800 328 2467 for further details.

Manchester Evening News

• • •

Happy is the day that I ran an Internet Search on rosacea and happened across your website. Until then, I had not been able to find products that worked well for my rosacea. I started by ordering your sample kit and found the products to be all I had hoped for and more. My skin has not looked this good in years. I am so excited at how my skin has improved that I keep bragging to my husband and friends, "Look how good my skin looks", and they all agree there is a vast improvement!

I am so thankful to have found this great line of skin care and cannot wait till my next dermatologist appointment so I can tell him how well it worked for me, and urge him to offer your products at his office so others can experience the benefits.

Thanks again for products that really do make a difference.

Brenda Maxwell
Mohegan Lake, New York

• • •

Just wanted to tell you how much I love your products. I've been using them for several months now, and my skin has never looked better. I just ordered some more moisturizer, and also ordered a sample kit for my sister. It's a real family thing - my mother's sister found your products, then ordered a sample kit for my mother, who ordered one for me, and so on!

Anyway, I have never found anything that suits my skin so well as your products.

Donna Murbach
Malverne, New York

• • •


The US company Right Face, Inc. has a new range of products, Rosacea Care, for people with the skin condition rosacea. While the condition can be controlled through medication, anyone with rosacea has to be ultra careful in their choice of skincare and make-up products. Meticulous care has been taken in selecting ingredients for the Rosacea Care range. They are designed to be non-comedogenic and chirally-correct, vital for rosacea sufferers. They're brilliant for all skin types, too, especially sensitive skin. Rosacea Care gives instant relief and immediate benefits.

Holistic Therapist
International Trade Journal

• • •

I just thought I would pass on my experiences with the Rosacea Care Calming Lotion. I have tried many products to help with my rosacea over the years and have never found anything as effective as this lotion. It is amazingly soothing, especially for shaving. I noticed its effectiveness for shaving the first time I used it. As the brochure they send with it emphasizes, give it time to take effect. It burned a little bit the first time I used it, for a minute or so, but that has gone away. It has made my face less irritated.

Derek Arild
Rohnert Park, California

• • •

My skin has really improved since using your Facial Gel. The redness has decreased and the bumps/pustules on my chin are practically all gone! The Gel also reduced the flakiness! Thank you for a great product.

Ronda Bailey
Willard, Ohio

• • •

Back in January, I purchased Rosacea Care products and I wanted to touch base with you and let you know that my skin is doing very well with Rosacea Care. I have noticed no additional broken capillaries and the already existing ones appear to be more faint. I have less blackheads than I used to and my skin is softer. All the products are very gentle to my skin and I love the light fragrances on the products.

Cindy S. Patierno
Milford, Pennsylvania

• • •

Thank you for the prompt delivery and my thanks for the outstanding products, as I was fairly desperate about the condition of my skin. I am going to expand my use of your products.

Brigitte B.
Munich , Germany

• • •

Just wanted to let you know that I love the Rosacea Care skin care line. I've used so many different products and been unsatisfied; it's refreshing to find a product that complements my skin and does not propel a rosacea breakout.

Most over-the-counter products are not manufactured for people like me that have sensitivities to so many ingredients. I admit, I wasn't using any moisturizer on my face for a while because I was so tired of breaking out. With Rosacea Care, I didn't experience any adverse reactions and the moisturizer left my face feeling very "balanced". My skin absorbed the products well and felt smooth, really great. I see myself continuing with Rosacea Care in the future ... it's proven itself over time.

Barbara Simonian
Buffalo, New York

• • •

I have ordered the Sample Kit and so far everything in it has done wonders to my skin. Having rosacea, eczema and contact dermatitis (allergic to many things) means that I cannot tolerate most products on the market (even health food store "natural" ones). Your products are the only ones that I use everyday, and I haven't seen or felt a single sign of irritation. Moreover, they seem to help reduce the redness and breakouts.

Thank you for creating this great line of products.

Katherine Yip
Atlanta, Georgia

• • •

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